Some heart exercises

Here are some exercises for your heart to figure out how fit you are.

Use a box, chair or stool which is about 40-50 cm high for the physical exercise. Carry out the exercise like this. First, step up onto the box and stand on it with both legs straight. Then step down and stand on the floor with both legs straight. Step up and down like this for a total of four minutes. Do not try to go too fast. You should keep going at a steady rate of about one step up every two seconds. Step up and down, without stopping, for four minutes. Then sit down and rest.

Rest for exactly one minute. Then get your partner to take your pulse for 30 seconds. This is your first pulse reading. Write it down in your results table.

Rest for a further 30 seconds. Then get your partner to take your pulse for another 30 seconds. This is your second pulse reading. Write it down. Repeat the previous stage. This gives you a third pulse reading.

Work out your fitness score. Change over and let your partner do the fitness test.

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