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What Can Go Wrong With The Heart

A healthy heart gives the body a good blood supply so that all parts get enough food and oxygen. However, several things can go wrong with the heart. For example, a few people are born with a faulty heart. Many more people start their lives with a healthy heart, but later it becomes diseased. Some […]

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What’s Cardiac Arrest

All parts of the body need a continuous supply of blood. For example, if the blood supply to the brain stops for longer than three minutes it becomes damaged. Other parts of the body can go without a blood supply for longer without being damaged. However, the muscular walls of the heart itself are quickly […]

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Coronary Heart Disease

Many things can go wrong with the blood circulation. By far the most common disorder occurs when a fatty substance collects in the walls of the arteries making them narrower. This kind of arterial disease is very serious if it occurs in the arteries leading to the brain. In this case it can cause a […]

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Blood Circulation: from Greeks to Harvey

Two thousand years ago, the Greeks thought that blood moved backwards and forwards in the blood vessels rather like waves on a beach. They also believed that blood was gradually used up by the body, and that new blood was made from food, water and air. In 1628, William Harvey, an English doctor who worked […]

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