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Blood as transport system

You have probably seen blood in a film or filmstrip about blood, or even some fresh blood. But have you ever seen some preserved blood on a microscope slide? Blood is a liquid with some small solid objects in it. The red blood cells carry oxygen. The white blood cells help the body to fight […]

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Some heart exercises

Here are some exercises for your heart to figure out how fit you are. Use a box, chair or stool which is about 40-50 cm high for the physical exercise. Carry out the exercise like this. First, step up onto the box and stand on it with both legs straight. Then step down and stand […]

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Your heart is the best pump

We shall start with a couple of questions. Why do we have a heart? What does it do? What’s the pulse? There are blood vessels all over the body. Some are easy to see, because they are close to the skin surface. Most blood vessels cannot be seen because they are buried deep among the […]

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